Moon Lunar Magic

If you are manifesting, or performing sex magic to evoke your desires, you can use the power of the moon to amp up your manifesting super powers and abilities.

In ancient times, people used the moon’s cycles<– (see live moon phases calendar) as signals of when to plant, grow, harvest and reap the abundance grown from the land.

The new moon is the time to plant the seeds of your desires. It symbolizes new beginnings, births, setting intentions, and manifesting magic. It is a time to create your desires which must be planted before they can be reaped.

The Full Moon is all about completion, releasing and removing what no longer works for you.

You ask to manifest your desires during a New Moon and then release your intentions and remove what is blocking you from what you want to manifest during the Full Moon.

Creating a regular practice of setting new moon intentions is a way to commit to your dreams and goals. It will also allow you to stay in touch with her divine feminine energy.

The new moon is the perfect time to manifest those desires so they can be nurtured with the waxing of the moon and harvested during the full moon.

Whether it’s an altar, your kitchen table or a pretty space on your nightstand, create a space of beauty where you can keep candles, journals, essential oils, crystals, and other symbolic items that conjure up a deep feeling of inspiration.

Burn sage and clear your space.  Call in the elements and the four directions if you wish with an opening invocation.

Light a candle. Green is good for money or abundance. See colors of the candles and what they represent.

Gather magical items. Add crystals to your altar if you wish. Citrine is the stone for wealth.

Light incense, play music, take a bath in sea salts and herbs, or shower to cleanse. Grab a herbal tea, glass of wine, water.

Take 3 cleansing breaths.

Get grounded by envisioning yourself with roots extending down from your body into the earth’s core, and the earth’s energy to come up through your root chakra to align all your chakras.

Set your intentions for what you want to create, bring in, manifest… It is useful to connect to your essence, inner Goddess or oracle to do this.

Write down your intentions on a piece of paper as an affirmation and then speak your intention out loud as an invocation to the Universe.  You can also draw symbols on the paper with your words to represent your desires.  Feel strong positive energy, show gratitude and be thankful.

Fold up your paper.

Go outside and plant it in the ground with a seed.  Or you can plant it in your house in a planter with a seed, or existing plant.  I use my money tree for this.  If I am manifesting money I also bury a few coins with it.

Or, you can put it on your altar with a manifesting stone upon it or hide it away in a sacred drawer with a stone that calls in what you desire (eg: rose quartz for love).

You can also perform Sex Magic to make the ritual even more powerful.

Complete your ritual, close your circle.

Take inspired action for the next 2 weeks to aid in manifesting your intentions.