What is Kundalini Reiki?

Kundalini Reiki is an energetic healing modality that uses a synergy of Reiki (divinely guided universal energy) and Kundalini (raw evolutionary force).[i]

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is a Japanese word which has been made famous by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk who lived in the 19th century. Dr Usui introduced the world to a system of hands-on healing and meditation which worked with universal energy or what is often translated as spiritually guided life force energy, Reiki.

Rei (pronounced Ray) meaning: Universal life force energy, spiritual consciousness, all-knowing.

Ki (pronounced Key) meaning: Breath, Life force, vital radiant energy.

Reiki is a form of hands-on (and distance) energy healing that uses universal “Source” energy (white light) that is channeled down through the crown chakra of the practitioner and out through the palms of their hands to effect healing loving energy a person, animal, situation etc…

Other names for universal life force are Chi, Prana, Source, Cosmic, or Divine, among many others.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini, also referred to as “Kundalini Fire”, originates in the Hindu tradition from around 1000 BC (approximately 3000 years ago), so is very old. It is the raw primal feminine energy (also referred to as Shakti) that is stored at the based of the sacrum at the root chakra (Muladhara). We are all born with this Kundalini energy inside of us, yet it sleeps dormant until awakened. It allows all living beings the great potential to align ourselves with the “godly” universal presence or Source energy once released.

The word Kundalini is Sanskrit, which means coil, or spiral. Kundalini is often imagined as a snake coiled around the sacrum three and a half times. The snake represents healing and divine energies. This symbol can be seen in modern day healing modalities like the Caduceus, a symbol of medicine and healing.

In Hindu mythology, kundalini is symbolically represented as a serpent goddess who lies asleep at the base of the spine, named Kundalini Shakti[ii]. She is the unfolding of divine Shakti energy, the energising creative potential of life itself that enlivens all things.

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is feminine energy (Shakti) that seeks to be released so it can unite with the divine male energy (Shiva). Once kundalini is released, it unravels and undulates up through the spine (called Sushumna), dancing like a charmed snake, unlocking each chakra along the way. Thus, it opens the body and soul to the divine energies as it triggers awakening, to shoot out of the crown chakra and merge with the oneness of creation for spiritual enlightenment, growth, consciousness, bliss, love, peace and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Kundalini awakening is a very powerful method to heal the energies in order to promote spiritual evolution on our way to further enlightenment. Once awakened, Kundalini energy improves our ability to feel and connect to universal energy, as well as imparting extra vitality and energy.

Kundalini Reiki

So, Kundalini Reiki is a combination of Kundalini energy and Reiki energy that is used together for energy healing purposes. Kundalini represents “earth, feminine” energy and Reiki represents “sky, male” energy. Combining these energies creates a path to wholeness through vibrational or energetic means that offers relaxation and healing. It is a synthesis of the philosophies of Reiki as a spiritual (Sky) energy with Tantric notions of Kundalini and Earth energy.[iii]

Kundalini Reiki was founded by Ole Gabrielsen. Kundalini Reiki doesn’t use hand positions or symbols like Reiki does. Rather, the practitioner set an intention and can let the energy flow by thinking about it. Because the energy is universal and “intelligent” is goes where it is needed and the practitioner does not have to direct it, although in some circumstances the energy is directed by intention to fix a certain problem, situation, or ailment. However, the universal energy will find its way to any problem areas and will always go to where it is needed most.

Thus, Kundalini Reiki is a divinely guided energy that remove energy blocks in our system which are barriers to the awakened energy, cleanses the chakras and promotes healing from dis-ease. Once activated, it can help us achieve union and oneness with the divine, as well as a renewed sense of self, awareness, and happiness. Kundalini Reiki works to restore wholeness and peace on all levels, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Origins of Kundalini Reiki

The teachings of Kundalini Reiki were channeled in the 1990s through the spiritual work of Danish Reiki Master, Mr. Ole Gabrielson who has helped thousands of people to find more inner peace and contentment in their lives. It is through his many hours of spiritual communion and meditation with Master Kuthumi, described as one of the Ascended Masters that he received the teachings which are known as Kundalini Reiki. It is an extremely distilled form of Reiki with an emphasis on igniting a process of personal growth and expansion.[iv]

How Does Kundalini Reiki Work?

Kundalini Reiki works to open and clear your energy channels (chakras and meridians), thus awakening and aligning the inner Kundalini fire, which can then travel freely up the spine to the crown, to unite with the Reiki energy. This form of Reiki emphasizes the union and balance of Heaven and Earth energies within your being.[v]

Kundalini Reiki accesses healing frequencies to bring more light, love and healing to invigorate the body, reduce stress, to help one overcome certain difficulties related to feelings and emotions, as well as sexual issues. It also helps ground your energies and heal lower chakra issues. Like a cleanse, it cleans the body and energies centers of impurities to promote healing.  It helps to renew energy, purify the body, reduce stress and promote holistic growth and healing.

Kundalini Reiki can be done in parallel with other medical treatments. However, Kundalini Reiki and other energy treatments are not a replacement for traditional medical treatments. If you have a serious health concern, you should contact your doctor for advice and medical care. Always, speak to your doctor first before getting a treatment if you have several physical or mental health issues.

The main aspiration of activating kundalini energy is to experience peace and love while increasing the levels of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

How Is Kundalini Performed?

Kundalini Reiki can be used like Usui Reiki through hands-on healing as well as distance healing, for purposes of healing the body, mind and soul.

Kundalini Reiki uses energy frequencies, similar to radio waves, electricity or wifi. We can’t see it, touch it, taste it or feel it, but it is there and works anyway. Like radio waves, Kundalini Reiki must be tuned in, channeled through the practitioner who acts like a conduit for the energy, and who is then able to pass the energy on to the receiver.

The Benefits of Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki can be used to heal, strengthen and enhance the body’s own healing system, bring about deep relaxation, relieve stress and pain, and speed up recovery after an illness.

Kundalini Reiki can also be applied to heal situations, repair DNA, as well as past life experiences and birth traumas. Kundalini Reiki can also be used on children, animals, plants, trees, water, streams, oceans, the air and even to heal the earth itself, or perhaps even the vast universe in which we live.

In addition to the physical healing techniques outlined above, Kundalini Reiki can assist in other areas of our life through what is referred to as situation or qualities healing. Thus, one can resolve strained relationships, difficult situations, financial issues, karma, remove negative energies from a room or house, or help one find a soul mate, the perfect house or a better job. In all situations, Kundalini Reiki energy can be sent to rectify and improve a situation, life challenge, goal or issue.

Kundalini Reiki can also be used to fix personal qualities or character traits, like healing anger, jealousy, anxiety, frustration, worry, tension, improving communication, as well as physical ailments like alleviating muscle pain.

Questions to Ask Before a Kundalini Reiki Session

Before experiencing a Kundalini Reiki session, you should prepare for it by asking these questions:

What is your primary health concern? Is it physical? Emotional? Spiritual?

Have you had medical treatment for your issue? What type and for how long?

Have you had experience with Reiki or Kundalini Reiki before?

What goals do you hope to attain using Kundalini Reiki treatments?

During a Kundalini Reiki Session

Every practitioner performs Kundalini Reiki in a different way, and it may be performed differently for each individual client or situation.

However, there are some commonalities.

Due to the intensity of the energy, Kundalini Reiki treatments only take about 5 minutes.

Kundalini Reiki can be performed in person using hands-on the shoulders, or by distance from all away across the world.

  • First, make sure you find a comfortable position in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed.
  • You may sit up or lay down, whichever is most comfortable for you with the palms open and facing up, open to receive the energy.
  • You should set an intention before the session which I help you prepare.
  • Take several cleansing breathes in order to relax and let go of the day.
  • Close your eyes and just relax. There is nothing to do now but just allow the energy to flow through you.

Once this connection is made the energy flows.

The energy flow will stop on its own after 3-5 minutes, but continue to work in the receiver’s system for several days afterwards.

What Does the Energy Feel Like?

During a Kundalini Reiki you may experience different sensations, or you may experience nothing at all. Both are normal, and anyway you experience is the right way.

  • Sensations may include tingling, heat, or cold, in the extremities (fingers, palms and soles of feet), root chakra, third eye, or crown chakra. You may also feel the energy moving through you, or feel it go to a certain place where it is working its healing energy. You may feel pressure as if a cool hand of fingertip is gently pressing against your skin, especially in the third eye. Hot or cold flow of energy to any part of the body.
  • You may experience an emotional release. Crying, sadness, elation, anger, joy… Pain or soreness… this is where the energy is targeting a specific area that needs healing.
  • Your body may twitch or move spontaneously, or you may feel the need to move, stretch.
  • You may see bright lights, sparkles, fireworks of colors, or other visions.
  • You may also fall asleep, which is a-kay as well, as the energy still works on you whether you are aware of it or not.

You don’t have to focus the energy anywhere. The energy is universal source energy which is all-knowing, so it knows where it needs to go.

Simply try to BE and just relax and experience the flow of energy and healing.

Healing Crisis and Reactions

(Adapted from Kundalini Training Manual—credit Love Inspiration[vi])

The healing crisis is the result of all your energy systems working together to eliminate old thought patterns and other unwanted impurities from your body, through all your designed elimination channels which helps to set the stage for regeneration and healing.

Reactions to Healing and Detox After a Session

The healing crisis can bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. This is because the Kundalini Reiki experience works like a physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and detox. Therefore it has after reactions or symptoms of healing that are similar to a physical detox.

There are a wide variety of reactions that may manifest during a healing crisis, the most common are:

  • Nothing at all, which is perfectly fine and normal.
  • Feeling tired. This is a temporary phase, usually lasting at most one day, as your body purges out old energy. Give your body lots of rest and anything else it needs.
  • An abundance of energy. Although you may feel energetic, take things easy as this is just a temporary phase as your energy adjusts and balances. If you feel like exercising, then do so in moderation and be gentle on yourself.
  • Spontaneous strong emotions including crying, sadness, happiness or anger. Often after healing, your body will continue to clear energy blockages by releasing emotions. This is very healthy and normal.
  • Tingling sensations over your body. This is simply the energy moving and balancing out within your body after the healing work.
  • A change in diet, either eating less or more – or wanting different foods.
  • For women, menstrual cycles may be slightly affected.
  • Changes in thought patterns and perspectives. When healing takes place, it can sometimes shift old “filters” in our minds, changing our outlook on life, sometimes changing old habits and patterns, generating “light bulb” moments and an increased quest for spiritual knowledge.
  • Increased joint or muscle pain: healing energies being released from within that particular area. This can be a result of many kinds of energies or thought forms being brought to the surface for healing.
  • Extreme fatigue: Extreme fatigue = extreme healing. Please take a rest and enjoy some you time.
  • Feeling restless.  There are some restless energies being brought to the surface for healing, which need to be safely released through your own re-experiencing at this time.
  • Aches and pains relating to any or all parts of our body. A sign of really deep healing from within.
  • Perhaps some energy moving and being released from your lower chakras.
  • Fever and chills. A sign that there is much healing being done and many toxins being released.
  • Drop in blood pressure.
  • Cold or flu like symptoms. Another sign that toxins are being released safely from your body.
  • Suppressed memories may arise which is a sign that old mental thought patterns are coming to the surface to be released.
  • Mood swings. A sign that there is much emotional healing happening and that old emotions may be coming to the surface for safe release from your energy system.
  • This is a very common side effect of energy-based healing and should be seen as a great way of cleansing the lower chakras.
  • For no real reason at all, you may feel anxious or ‘on edge’. A great sign that these kinds of energies are being released.
  • Cramps: Signs that negative energy is moving and starting to come to the surface for healing.
  • Healing in the brain and upper chakras can cause many different types of headaches. These will normally pass in a few days but please drink plenty of water!
  • Insomnia or restless sleeps. This happens very commonly and include any bad dreams and all types of interrupted sleeping. This is a great sign that there is much negativity being released from within.
  • Sinus congestion. Blockages in the upper chakras which are coming to the surface and being released.
  • A change in urination and /or bowel movements. Energy movement and deep healing in the lower chakras.
  • Skin eruptions like boils or rashes can be a result of unpleasant emotions that are being brought to the surface and released safely through your skin.

If any of these symptoms persist, seek proper medical attention and please always trust your own intuition during these times of healing crisis.

Affects of Kundalini Reiki Healing Session and Aftercare

While Kundalini Reiki is used for healing, the experience releases a huge amount of energy which cause discomfort for some people.

Therefore, it is super important to also detox the body of impurities afterwards including removing toxins from the body’s system like alcohol, drugs, caffeine, fatty food and tobacco.

It is also important to reduce stress levels, take plenty of rest and do self-care as needed during the 3 days to a week after treatment.

Plus, drink plenty of water in order to help the flow of toxins being released from your body and to keep hydrated.


In Summary

In this article we have looked at different aspects of Kundalini Reiki energy, awakening, history, and how it works.

The similarities between Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki include:

  • Both are available to anyone, regardless of spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs.
  • Both use the life force energy to unblock negative energies and give our healing systems a boost.
  • Both can be carried out as in-person or distant healing.
  • Both can be used to heal people, places, animals, or any living thing, and for past, present and future events and situational problems.

The differences between Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki include:

  • Kundalini Reiki uses kundalini energy as well as the life force energy.
  • Kundalini Reiki does not use the reiki sacred symbols or traditional hand positions.
  • Kundalini Reiki is quicker to work and more intense than Usui Reiki.

If you are ready to try out Kundalini Reiki, please contact me at DominaDoll@gmx.com for more information and to book a session!

10 Reasons Why Kundalini Reiki Is So Popular

(Adapted from Blissful Light Healing Blog[vii])

  1. Simple System

Kundalini Reiki is very simple to use, which is one of the reasons why Kundalini Reiki is so effective. There are no symbols or complicated procedures. It is all about the energy and intention.

  1. Super Easy to Use

Kundalini Reiki is not only a simple system, it is also super easy to use. You do not need to lay down or follow cumbersome processes to activate the energies or gain the benefits like with many other energy systems. You can use just pure intention or by placing your hands together and the energies will work. This makes it a perfect system for anyone who works or spends much of their time in places you would not be able to use multiple hand positions like the more traditional types of Reiki.

  1. Effective

Of course, this is subjective, but most practitioners find the energies to be very effective in clearing the kundalini channel, healing, and spiritual awakening. It is also a great system for clearing negative energies from your environment (space clearing) and animals seem to love the energies also.

  1. Powerful Yet Gentle

There is often some fear about working with kundalini energy, which is usually completely unfounded. The energies are actually felt gently, yet profoundly when you first start accessing it. Combining kundalini awaking with Reiki universal energy prevents the energies from ever being overpowering or too strong.

  1. Built-In Functions

This simple system allows you to work on or do certain things very quickly due to having built-in functions. Functions such as space clearing, clearing karma, situational healing, birth trauma and more are all activated by intention. This makes the system very useful for beginners as it boosts confidence and removes concerns about whether you are doing things correctly.

  1. Easy Attunement Process

If you ever want to attune someone to Kundalini Reiki, you will be very surprised at just how easy and quick the process it. This system has completely stripped out the unnecessary parts, practices, and symbols often used in passing attunements, makes the process easier to pass on and to teach others.

  1. Adaptable

Kundalini Reiki is very adaptable. You can use the energies on yourself, others, animals, objects, qualities, karma etc. You can use the system in person or by distance. You can use the built-in functions or use the energies on anything you wish to work on. The more you use the energies the more you realise how flexible and adaptable the energy uses can be.

  1. Increases Intuition

Most people who use Kundalini Reiki notice that over time their intuition increases and awakens new spiritual gifts. This is in part due to working with the energies of your kundalini and universal source energy. Often new insights, learnings, and discoveries come when you allow the energies to flow in meditation.

  1. Safe

Kundalini Reiki offers a very safe way to work with your kundalini energies. There is no danger in over activating the kundalini or becoming overwhelmed. There is a lot of fear-based information out there concerning kundalini activation. Kundalini energy is completely safe and Kundalini Reiki gives you many great tools to work with these energies.

  1. Perfect Foundation in Energy Healing

Kundalini Reiki is an easy to learn energy healing modality, therefore a fantastic foundation in working with energies and expanding your intuition and spiritual growth, as well as the perfect gateway to learn other energy healing systems. The built-in functions give you a very wide range of energy healing tools and potential experiences. Kundalini Reiki also works extremely well with all other types of Reiki and energy healing systems.



Kundalini Reiki (and related modalities) is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.

While it can be used entirely on its own, it is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. In fact, it can readily compliment other forms of therapy.[viii]

Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.


If you are ready to try out Kundalini Reiki, please contact me at DominaDoll@gmx.com for more information and to book a session!



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