Sex Magic Manifesting

Sex Magic Manifesting (or Orgasmic Manifesting)

How to harness your sexual energy & orgasm to manifest your desires!

sex magic manifesting


SEX Magic Manifesting Ritual

This is a very basic SEX Magic Manifesting Ritual that I use to manifest my desires.

1. Determine what it is you want to manifest. I suggest connecting to your essence & highest self first so you are in alignment with your truest desires. (I have an audio guide meditation and eBook guide PDF coming out on this very soon, so sign up to my newsletter below and stay tuned!)

2. Take a few minutes to visualize what your desired outcome looks like. Picture this fully with all your senses so you can taste, touch, breathe, hear, feel and envision it.

3. Once you get that vision in your mind’s eye, take a mental snapshot of it. This will help you later when you are in ecstasy and want to manifest it.

4. Set aside 30-60 minutes for self-pleasure time. Make sure you are relaxed. I find this it good to do just before bed, but whatever time works for you. S-L-O-W-L-Y self pleasure yourself using only your fingers and lubricant. (Sorry lovers, no vibrators allowed!  This is so you can prolong your arousal and go for an extended orgasm while building your sexual energy, rather than a quick release. We want harness that energy, not expell it quickly.  Plus, we want to manifest BIG things, so put the time and effort into it.  The more you put into it the more you will get out of it!) You may want to start at your breasts using coconut oil for an erotic breast massage. Warm up your vulvu with a loving Yoni massage, then start focusing on the clitoral glans.

5. Pull back the clitoral hood and gently begin to stroke the upper left hand (between 9 and 12 o’clock) of the clitoris (your sweet spot!), where the clit meets the clitoral hood (called the corona) with the tip of your finger. Use gloves if you have nails. Use lots of lube, or coconut oil. If you don’t find your sweet spot there it may be on the upper right hand side so try each side to see which feels more intense.

6. Use very light pressure to begin with as you want to develop sensitivity (Don’t rush, this is not a race!). Then vary your strokes and experiment to see which spot feels best and what type of stroke, speed and pressure, you enjoy most. Continue to vary your touch as your body’s pleasure guides you, trying to keep continuous contact with your finger tip on the clitoris. See what feels best for your body at that particular time. This may change with each practice. Lighter and slower are best, as you are developing your sensitivity to be able to increase your orgasmic potential and cultivation of sexual energy.

7. Take deep body breathes to slow down arousal if you feel on the verge of orgasm. Use fast fire-energy breathes to speed up arousal.

8. Move your hips erotically to your arousal, and pump your yoni (PC muscle) in rhythm to what feels good.  Get erotic, FEEL sensual, move that erotic energy through your body so you tingle all over!  Oh yeah, baby!

9. Make deep moans, ahhhhs, and sounds of pleasure to help expand the erotic orgasmic energy throughout your body. Visualize the pleasure expanding from your Yoni (root & sacral chakras) and radiating out through your other chakras, filling your solar plexus (feel power), your heart (feel love deeply), your throat (moan loudly), your 3rd eye (manifesting energy).  Use your mind to imagine the energy flowing up to each chakra (where you mind goes, energy flows!).

10. Build the sexual energy for as long as you can stand it (try 3 minutes the 1st time, then 5, then 10, then 20, then on and on up to an hour or longer). You can continue to circulate this energy through the chakras (up the back and down the front of your body to store it in your sacral chakra area, until you are ready to release). This is called a Microcosmic orbit which is an ancient Taoist practice.

11. All this time, you should also be aware of what it is you want to manifest. This can take a bit of concentration, so just let it float in the back of your mind until you are ready to climax.  If you feel your thoughts drifting off to other distractions, gently bring your mind back to your desire and what you want to manifest, while taking pleasure in your arousal.  This is an embodied experience, so try to not think too much about it, simply allow yourself to FEEL into that desire as an emotion.  When you feel ready and you have built up so much orgasmic energy. that you feel you will explode, get that snapshot back on your mind’s eye and feel the bliss of that vision… Really FEEL it.  What does it FEEL like to have your BIG DESIRE fulfilled?  Have this fully visualized as much as you can, then, blast off! Allow yourself to 0rgasm, and shoot that energy up through your crown chakra to connect with “Source” and the divine manifesting energy of the universe to help co-create your DESIRE!

12. Relax in the afterglow and surrender to receive your gifts. Look for divine inspirations and Goddess winks to come to you, showing you how your desire may be manifested. Explore new opportunities and take aligned action each day and setting your daily intentions to keep in mind what it was you want to manifest. Keep your vibrational energy high, and aligned with your higher self.

13. Repeat this ritual each night for 7 days/nights for the most powerful manifesting… You can also align your manifesting magic with the moon cycles as well.

This ritual is just a small part of what Sex Magic Manifesting is all about.  To have this work properly you need to develop a daily practice of raising the vibration or your sexual energy, storing and harnessing that energy to use it as a creative force for manifesting.  You also have to get rid of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, self-doubt and remove subconscious blocks to be able to manifest on a regular basis so you actually get consistent results.  Plus, there are a lot of other things you can do to raise your vibration and become more of an open channel including opening and healing the chakras, awakening your Kundalini and Shakti power, full and new moon magick, embracing your feminine essence and using Goddess Archetypes to harness your sexual super powers.

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And, so it is!

In Ecstasy,

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