Evoking Beauty

evoking beauty: awakening the enchantress within


Hey there Beauty! I am so THRILLED you could make it!

You’re about to discover my 8 Step Program to EVOKE the ENCHANTRESS within and to LIVE your life ON FIRE, full of Passion, Pleasure and Purpose!

Did you know that it is absolutely POSSIBLE:

  • to transform your life into the one you deserve and dream of?
  • to change how you look and feel and have all the energy and passion you desire?
  • to live totally fulfilled in every aspect of your life: have an amazing career, passionate love life, feel beautiful, healthy, sexy and desired, and manifest abundance?

expressions_self_love_2010Well it is!  And, I’m here to help show you how.

If you are tired of struggling to find happiness and live the life you want, then listen up!

My easy to follow, step-by-step program EVOKING BEAUTY will help you live a more energetic, juicy, passionate and fulfilled life in just 8 WEEKS!

That’s right!  In only 8 weeks and you could be living the life of YOUR DREAMS.


Evoking Beauty is for you if:

  • You feel unhappy or unfulfilled and are ready to transform your life to be your BEST self.
  • You struggle with low self-esteem, negative self-talk, are over-critical of your body, beauty or self-worth and want to embrace your true BEAUTY both inside and out!
  • You are tired and lack motivation, yet long to feel healthy, energized and inspired every day so you can live your life to the fullest.
  • You desire to transform your self-confidence and body image so you feel sensually empowered and love the skin you are in, both in and out of the bedroom.
  • You want to let go of past inhibitions so you can liberate your sexy, sensual self and embrace both passion and pleasure.
  • You long to fulfill your deepest desires and live an inspired, meaningful life filled with purpose.
  • You are ready to relax, rejuvenate and re-juice your beautiful self and truly thrive every day.
  • You want to BE powerful, successful and amazing every day and in all aspects of your life.
  • You want to attract, seduce and keep your man passionately inspired whether you are in a current relationship or looking for your soul mate.
  • You want to learn how to attract abundance, happiness and success instead of just settling for less than what you desire.
  • You long to rid yourself of fear, stress and anxiety so you can BECOME EMPOWERED.
  • You know you NEED to make a positive change to feel better, be happier and take charge of your life so you can enjoy the fruits of living abundantly.
  • You are ready to set goals, transform your life and fulfill your dreams.
  • You once believed in fairy-tales and happily-ever-after and know the UNIVERSE has a better life waiting for you.
  • You are ready to say “YES!” to a new YOU and life filled with ABUNDANCE!

Any of this sound familiar?

It’s time to finally EVOKE Your Beauty and let her SHINE!

EVOKING BEAUTY is an 8 week program designed to help you revitalize, transform and embrace a new life as an empowered, self-confident, sensually charged woman and learn to fully THRIVE.

What you will learn:

Week 1: Sweeping Up the Ashes!

During week one you will evaluate your current life and begin to create future desires and goals, by determining the things you want to change and uncovering your purpose.  This week we sweep away the ashes of the past, the obstacles and blocks that are holding you back, and get rid of limiting beliefs. We are going to STOP self-sabotage and negative patterns from getting in your way so you can pave the way to greater abundance as well as clear the clutter in your environment which will create emotional and physical space for the abundance to come.

Week 2: Rewrite Your Fairytale Story!

This week we rewrite your story, the way you have always wanted it to be written.  Who is it you desire to be?  What in your life do you want to change to make it fairytale perfect?  What is your ideal love-story, career, home, and life?  The first step to releasing the Goddess within you, is to reconnect with your inner core, to discover your deeper purpose, and to create a plan and specific actions steps so we can manifest your ideal life and ultimate desires..

Week 3: Evoking Self Love

In week three you will find out why self love is so important and how to start loving yourself both inside and out. We will look at your strengths and use daily rituals of gratitude and affirmations to help you learn to quiet your inner critic and learn to love yourself.


Week 4: Manifesting Your Ideal Life

This week we will start manifesting your ideal life and desires using meditation, visualizations, mind movies and more.  You will learn how to connect to your infinite source of abundance to create your own reality.  This week I will teach you the secrets to manifesting and creating your transformation story.

Week 5: Your Ideal Body

You are what you eat, or so the gurus say.  So for week five we will focus on food and body.  You will learn how to revitalize your body, mind and spirit so you feel energized and ready to take charge of your life.  You will learn the best foods that will energize you, keep you healthy and help you loose weight or maintain and healthy body that is perfect for you.  You will learn about cleansing foods and how to reduce toxins and stress, while learning advanced relaxation techniques to help you release anxiety.  You will soon have the strong, sexy body you have always dreamed of and be full of confidence. You will learn how to create and stick to a daily routine that creates more energy and revitalized the body, soul and mind.

Week 6: Evoking Beauty

Week six builds upon the previous weeks where you start embracing your own unique beauty.  You will begin take quality me time with weekly beauty self-love rituals to make you feel amazing and look even better.  You will learn simple beauty techniques that will allow your natural beauty to shine through, with an inner glow, that is authentically YOU.

Week 7: Becoming the Seductress

In week seven you will break out that inner bombshell and learn the art of seduction.  You will learn how to seduce your love partner and drive them mad with desire.  You will learn how to seduce your colleagues and clients to bend them to your will. You will learn how to get what you want all by manifesting your desires and thriving as a Seductress.

Week 8: Evoking the Love Goddess

In the final week you will learn how to create meaningful, fulfilling and loving relationships with your friends, family and partner.  The secrets to finding or creating a relationship full of romance, connection and great sex.


Are YOU Ready?!


How does EVOKING BEAUTY work?

Simple… This is what else you get each week:

  • Weekly Module: Each week you get a Video Recording. This prerecorded video will contain action-based teachings that will help your set your goals for transformation each week.
  • Powerful Weekly Exercises and Activities: All the tools and strategies you need to design your PERFECT LIFE and experience transformations in PDF downloadable format. Each exercise is designed to accelerate your growth and achievement. These materials will keep you accountable and support you in the work we’re doing between lessons.
  • Audio and Video Meditations: You will have access to audio and video meditations to guide you through affirmations and visualizations to help you manifest your perfect life.
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group:  Access to a Evoking Beauty Members Only Site. Ability to post questions and get support, feedback and cheerleading! Invaluable networking and lots of new friends.
  • Private Member Site: Your private member site is your home base for this entire program! There you will have all your teleclass recordings, Q&As, your coaching questions and exercises, and that’s where you will answer all your exercises too…online! All kept for you all in one place, accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Recording Downloads: You will get all the audios and videos as recording downloads, so you can listen as many times as you want, download them to your device and listen on the go!
  • LIVE Q&A with ME: You get to come to TWO LIVE 60 Minute Q&A calls with me during the program!  YOU can bring your biggest challenge to me so YOU can get unstuck and begin progressing forward!
  • BONUS Videos, Audios and Articles: You get all the bonus videos, audios and articles to help you take the content deeper!
  • Surprises! I can’t tell you what they are or they wouldn’t be surprises!!!!
  • Eight weeks of FUN with me!


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