5 Day O Magic Manifesting Challenge E-Course

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During the O-Magic Abundance 5 Day Challenge I am going to teach you the most important fundamental laws that you need to know and show you practical ways on how you can use them to transform your life.

Each day I will teach you a new Manifesting Fundamental Truth or Principle as well as practices to help you overcome fear, lack, blockages and limiting beliefs so you can learn to manifest your dreams with ease, flow, and joy, and truly begin to THRIVE as the Goddess you are. These teachings are based on the 7 Laws, Goddess Magic, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Ancient Tantra and Taoists doctrines and Orgasmic Manifesting (aka O-Magic).



In this 5 Day Manifesting Challenge You Will learn:


  • Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Really Work On Its’ Own and What You Need Add to Create a Magical Alchemy Practice That Actually Works
  • The Most Important Universal Manifesting Laws Backed by Science You Must Know and How to Use Them to Become a Powerful Manifesting Goddess
  • The “Secret” to Manifesting Your Dreams to Transform Your Life, Career, Health, Wealth and Love Life
  • How to Tap into Your Desires & Chi Energy to Fuel Your Manifesting Abilities
  • How to Create an Abundance Mindset and Raise Your Vibration So You Can Manifest What You Want Anytime You Want
  • How to Tap into Your Essence and the Infinite Supply to Align with Your True Desires & Become a Powerful Co-Creator with the Universe
  • How to Clear Negative Emotions, Abundance Blocks and Limiting Beliefs to Transcend Fear & Doubt
  • The O-Magic Step-by-Step Manifesting Process You Can Use Immediately to Transform Your Life
  • The #1 Manifesting Power You Need to Turn On to Supercharge Your Manifesting Ability
  • How To Apply All the Wisdom & Teachings in This Challenge in a Practical Way So You Begin to Thrive
  • How to Begin Living A Life Filled With Love, Peace, Harmony, Purpose, and Abundance Today!