Hello Beautiful Goddess, SiStar!

Welcome to this orgasmic Yoni Breathing – Womb Activation Journey.

This sacred Shakti practice is a sensual activation onto the sacred mysteries of your erotic womb temple. This practice is a multidimensional experience and helps connect us to our divine feminine Shakti life force energy, our pussy power, turning on our creativity, juicing up our vitality, the elixir of life, in a sensual nourishing and deeply healing womb meditation.

This practice uses ancient Taoist sexual techniques for sexual activation, and has many other beneficial results if practiced on a daily basis including:

Creating awareness of our sensual energy and pussy power.

Strengthening your pelvic muscle and vaginal canal.

Activating the blood flow, Vagus, pelvic and pudendals.

Releasing the neurotransmitters of love and wellbeing (oxytocin and serotonin).

Connecting you to your inner wisdom and pussy oracle of intuition.

Building sexual confidence, radiance and empowerment.

Giving you permission to experience self love, open up to pleasure and receive.

Creating an embodiment practise that puts you in touch with your feminine flow, so your are embodied (out of the mind) and in flow all day long.

Let’s begin.


Part 1: Sensual Activation with Grounding and Womb Breathing

Begin siting comfortably, spine straight, but relaxed.

Begin with the palms together resting on the breastbone in namaste.

Inhale, feeling the breath becoming spacious, as you settle into stillness.

Breathe into your hands and into your body.

Next, inhale, stretching up the sky. Exhale, and allow your hands to fall down in a waterfall caress and your sensually touch your body. Inhale through nose and exhale through an open mouth, making an “ahhhhh” sound, releasing stagnant energy.

Inhale, then exhale as you keep the thumb tips touching and slide the palms of both hands outwards across the top of the breasts, into a downward-pointing triangle. Slide down the central line of the body until it comes to rest in yoni mudra, in front of your womb space.

Part 2 — Open and Expand with Pussy Squeezes and Hip Thrusts

Bring your awareness to your womb space (the Ren – Sea of Yin/Nourishing Vessel), as you place your hands in yoni mudra (representing your Shakti feminine power), and upside-down triangle in front of your womb space.

Yoni Mudra enhances serenity, deeper silence and inner listening, awaken kundalini energy, and seal in this energy.

As you breathe in, imagine tapping down into the earths molten core, and drinking in the warm elixir up through your tap root, like sipping golden honey or sweet flowing sap, up through your yoni and into your womb space.

As you exhale, release with an “ahhhhh”.

Next, as you inhale, move your chest forward, rocking your hips back and squeeze your pussy/PC muscle, drinking up the sensual honey through your yoni.

As you exhale, move your chest back, rock your hips forward, release and relax. Make sure you get a full release here and totally let go, letting any tension flow back into mother earth to be transmuted into Shakti fire.

Breath in and squeeze, breathe out and relax, for 6 times.

Part 3 — Build the Fire – Fire Breath Yoni Illumination

Next, continue to squeeze and release the yoni in rhythmic pulses:

Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, squeeze, release, squeeze, release. 4 times.

This is building a cauldron of fire in your womb space. Visualize the pink, red, orange or golden energy flowing into you like warm liquid honey and it is filling your womb, glowing with beautiful love and healing power, seeping into all your dark sacred spaces, grooves and organs, into your womb-flesh, where it is healing any tenderness, pain, past trauma, sadness, sexual shame, feelings of inadequacy, and fear, and washing it, soothing it away with the sensual liquid honey nourishment.

And, as you pulse, release, you are stoking the fires of your creative flow, your Shakti life force, and erotic superpowers, as the liquid honey forms a golden orb of light energy, filling your womb space so it expands, and is full of abundance and erotic possibilities.

Part 4 – Lotus Blossoming – Surrender to the Flow

Now, relax into a slower breath, as you begin to rotate your hips in slow, sultry circles, placing hands on your womb space.

Continue to breathe in, imaging that you are swirling the honeyed nectar inside of your womb space, your sacred cauldron of manifesting energy. As you swirl the energy around in your magical cauldron with your hips, you can also use your hand to massage your belly in a circular motion, clockwise, as you smile love down into your sacral chakra.

All the shakti energy in your womb is swishing around and nourishing all your sexual organs, your womb, your ovaries, your cells, and going deep to heal and activate your DNA spirals with golden light energy and the seeds of creative potential.

Here you may plant your intentions for your day, for your life, for love, peace, abundance.

And, as you continue to spiral the sacred energy inside your womb, the liquid gold energy become pink like the nectar from a flower, and from those sacred waters, a pink and crimson lotus blossoms in your womb space and filling you with radiant life, birthing your intention into physical space, so it will manifest in the next few days, weeks, and months.

To end, collect the energy in your womb, spiraling outwards )counter-clockwise) 9 times, and then 9 times inwards (clockwise) to seal the energy inside and feed your intention. Condensing into a beautiful lotus crystal of radiant manifesting energy.

Drink and breathe the energy from your womb up your chakras, into your organs, your heart, brain, entire body and auric field.

Visualize being enveloped in a cocoon of pink and golden light, where you are safe to carry out the rest of your day.