O-Magic Manifesting 5 Day Challenge

Welcome Amazing Manifesting Goddess!

To the 5 Day Manifesting Challenge

Wow!  I am super excited to have you join me and all the amazing manifesting Goddesses who will be with you on this challenge!  Together, we will learn the most important elements to manifesting abundance in your life (for REALZ!) and take the action steps together to manifest something AMAZING in just 5 days!

I want to congratulate you on showing up! By just showing up and being here you have already started to align yourself to the vibration of abundance, so you can begin to transform your life and manifest your biggest dreams!  During my O-Magic Abundance 5 Day Challenge, where I will teach you practical ways to transform your life by becoming more vibrant, juicy, energized, creative, and aligned with your essence.

Remember, THOU art Goddess.  YOU are a powerful Creatrix, Manifestor, and Feminine Magic Maker.  Where your intention goes, energy flows.

Are You Ready to Start Manifesting Amazing Abundance?

In this 5 Day Manifesting Challenge You Will learn:

  • Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Really Work On Its’ Own and What You Need Add to Create a Magical Alchemy Practice That Actually Works
  • The Most Important Universal Manifesting Laws Backed by Science You Must Know and How to Use Them to Become a Powerful Manifesting Goddess
  • The “Secret” to Manifesting Your Dreams to Transform Your Life, Career, Health, Wealth and Love Life
  • How to Tap into Your Desires & Chi Energy to Fuel Your Manifesting Abilities
  • How to Create an Abundance Mindset and Raise Your Vibration So You Can Manifest What You Want Anytime You Want
  • How to Tap into Your Essence and the Infinite Supply to Align with Your True Desires & Become a Powerful Co-Creator with the Universe
  • How to Clear Negative Emotions, Abundance Blocks and Limiting Beliefs to Transcend Fear & Doubt
  • The O-Magic Step-by-Step Manifesting Process You Can Use Immediately to Transform Your Life
  • The #1 Manifesting Power You Need to Turn On to Supercharge Your Manifesting Ability
  • How To Apply All the Wisdom & Teachings in This Challenge in a Practical Way So You Begin to Thrive
  • How to Begin Living A Life Filled With Love, Peace, Harmony, Purpose, and Abundance Today!

Are you ready?!  Can I hear a “Hell Ya!”?  Okay, let’s get this party started!

The “Secret” to Manifesting Your Dreams

You have probably heard of the “Law of Attraction” or “The Secret”.  You may have even dabbled in trying to manifest your dreams with limited success.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and usually never with the “BIG” stuff.

You may have even thought “Maybe its just me…” or, “Other people can do that, but it doesn’t work for me…” or, “I’m just not lucky like that.”

The truth is, EVERYONE can manifest the life they want, including their BIGGEST dreams and desires.  And, it has nothing to do with “luck”.  That is because the “Law of Attraction” is based on the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, magical and alchemist laws, and these laws are universal truths that can work for everyone if you know what they are and how to use them.

The problem is, the “Law of Attraction” is just one of the Universal Principles or Fundamental Laws that needs to be applied when you are trying to manifest your dreams.  There are in fact 7 laws (11 in some philosophies) that you need to know and use to make the magic of manifesting work.  Each law builds upon the other, and together, they all work in unison to create your desires.

So, what is the O-Magic Abundance challenge all about?

During the O-Magic Abundance 5 Day Challenge I am going to teach you the most important fundamental laws that you need to know and show you practical ways on how you can use them to transform your life.

Each day I will teach you a new Manifesting Fundamental Truth or Principle as well as practices to help you overcome fear, lack, blockages and limiting beliefs so you can learn to manifest your dreams with ease, flow and joy, and truly begin to THRIVE as the Goddess you are.  These teachings are based on the 7 Laws, Goddess Magic, Metaphysics,Alchemy, Ancient Tantra and Taoists doctrines and Orgasmic Manifesting (aka O-Magic).

What You Will Get

  • Each day you will get a Daily Lesson in the O-Magic Abundance 5 Day Challenge Course page which will include a downloadable PDF with the content of the lesson, videos, audio meditations and other content, as well as a Facebook Live Video (approx 30-45 minutes) to go over the lesson and allow for a Q&A.
  • During the challenge we will also be doing a POWERFUL energy clearing healing that will allow you to release your doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and abundance blocks at the energetic level so they no longer way you down or impede your manifesting ability.
  • Plus, we will also experience an amazing ENERGY ACTIVATION to raise your vibration to align your energy with the cosmic flow of abundance and activate your manifesting super powers.
  • The Challenge conclude with a LIVE Manifesting Ritual where I will guide you through the steps of manifesting your desires in our O-Magic Manifesting Challenge group circle on Facebook.  This ritual is super powerful and what I have used to manifest my dreams for the past 5 years.  And, because we are doing this as a group, our manifesting ability will be super-charged by group energy (critical mass) so we can send our desires into the universe with even more power and potency.

Special BONUS!


Plus, if stay until the end of the challenge, and take part in the challenge every day, and you will get my O-Magic Manifesting Ritual that uses Chi energy to fuel your manifesting abilities by 1000s times greater!

And, a chance to WIN!!!

And… I also have a super-fantastic extra-special, cherry on top bonus, that one lucky manifesting Goddess will receive, which is a complimentary scholarship to my 9-week O-Magic Manifesting Course (valued at over $1000), where I will go in depth with all this juicy, hot, Goddess, Ancient Taoist magic manifesting stuff so you can really step into your Goddess Magic power and manifest BIG TIME.

So, are you ready to take the challenge with me?

Of course, you are!

Here’s how to take part…

If you haven’t already, simply sign up for the O-Magic Manifesting 5 Day Challenge via my email group BELOW.

Then just watch your inbox each day to get updates for each lesson on the course page so you can access the course content: downloadable PDFs, Audio Files, and extra video content—all the practices, tools and resources you need to manifest with.  You will also get an email each day to remind you of the Facebook Live Videos so you don’t miss them. (Replays will be available, however I encourage you to watch the videos LIVE so you can ask questions and align more with the higher vibrational group energy).

YES! Sign me up for the Challenge!

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