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Welcome to the O-Magic Manifesting 5 Day Challenge!

What to do next?

  1. Make sure to White List our email address <dominadoll@gmx.com> in your email program to make sure you get all of the challenge content for each day.
  2. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 18th, which is when the challenge will begin.
  3. Join our Facebook Group here —> O-Magic Facebook Group, so you can take part in the challenge every day because it will all be going on in there, including our FB LIVE Videos which you will not want to miss.
  4. Wait to see our next email just before the 18th with more info!

Challenges are funner with friends! Share my challenge to raise the vibe of our manifesting power!

The Challenge Sign Up Page is Here –> http://evokingecstasy.com/o-magic-manifesting-5-day-challenge/

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