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Sensual Goddess Passion Pleasure Awakened Gift Set

Awaken Your Sensual Goddess’ Passion & Pleasure with Your FREE Awakened Gift Set!

Hello Awakening Goddess!  I’m so glad you could make it!

Are you ready to EMBRACE your inner Sex Goddess and let her THRIVE?!

Of course you are!

I am so excited to share with you my Goddess gifts designed to help you:

  • Awaken YOUR inner Goddess & sensual magic so you can manifest your DEEPEST DESIRES!
  • Unleash your erotic super powers, sexual pleasure and desires today and fully embrace the juicy, beautiful Goddess that you are.
  • Unlock your orgasmic potential for deeper, bigger, better, more powerful full body extended orgasms and multi-orgasmic ecstasy.
  • Transform your passion, pleasure and orgasmic ability through sacred self-pleasure embodiment awakening rituals.
  • Discover sacred daily practices base on ancient Taoist and Tantra sexual wisdom to arouse your libido and harness your sexual energy.
  • Embody your divine feminine and inner wisdom so you can tap into your innate knowledge and live your life on purpose.

Here is what you get:

  • Sensual Goddess Awakening e-Guide with ways to evoke your sensual inner Goddess, sensual Goddess practices, rituals and ways to empower your life.
  • Awakening Your Inner Goddess Oracle including e-Guide, Awakened Audio Medication and Powerful Intention Setting Techniques.
  • O-Magic Goddess Manifesting for Abundance e-Guide including the Sex Magic Manifesting (or Orgasmic Manifesting) Ritual to harness your sexual energy and manifest your desired life.
  • Beautifully Designed How to Be a Sensual Goddess Poster to remind you of your inner divinity and beauty.
  • Sensual Goddess Videos of your daily sacred practices to awaken your libido and embody your feminine power.

These empowering tools, meditations, rituals and daily practices are designed to unleash your sensual Goddess powers and help you live a more energetic, juicy, passionate and fulfilled life so you can THRIVE like the true Goddess you are inside!


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