What Is Moon Water?

moon water

Moon water is water that has be charged or infused with the moon’s powerful energy.  Just like you can charge crystals and other objects under the power of the full moon, you can also charge water. Because water is the element associated with the moon, it makes sense to charge water with the moon’s energy so you can then reap the benefits from that power.  And, because we humans are approximately 60-70% water, we can use moon water magic to heighten intuition, for health and healing, transformative energies and more.

You can harness the powerful energy of the full moon any time of the month, by making your own moon water, and charging the water with its potent energy.

How to Make Moon Water

To make moon water all you need is a vessel made of glass (a mason jar works perfectly), distilled or spring water (make sure it is drinkable if you are going to imbibe it – I use our well water), and the Full Moon. You can do this within the 3 days of the full moon – the day before, the day of the full moon and the day after. I prefer to do it the day of to get the purest power, but sometimes don’t have time so will do it the day before or after.  You can also do it all three nights.

Fill your jar with pure water.  Close mason jar lid to keep out bugs. Place mason jar outside under the full moon (preferable) or on a window sill where the full moon will shine upon it. If it is overcast, that is fine, as the moon’s energy will still charge the water.

You can surround your bottle with crystals like quartz or moonstone to amplify the power, rose quartz for love, citrine for abundance, bloodstone to detox with, and turquoise to heal. You may also want to add flowers and to anoint the bottle with essential oils (don’t add essential oils to the water unless they are real food grade oils – just anoint the outside of the bottle).

You can smudge the area with sage, light candles, call down a Moon Goddess, and state a powerful intention or blessing.

Moon Goddesses you can work with include: Aphroditus, Artemis, Astarte, Bastet, Diana, Hecate, Iana, Luna, Phoebe, Selene and many more.

Sit and meditate with the jar of water and the full moon above and visualize the moon’s pure silver energy pouring down on you and into the jar of water, instilling it with the moon’s energies.

Bless the water, and share your love, intention and gratitude with the moon, asking for what you desire to shine light on in your life.  Leave the bottle outside to bathe in the full moon’s light.

In the morning, get the jar of moon water before the sun comes up and store it in the fridge for later use, or use right away.

How to Use Moon Water

  • You can anoint your body before a ritual.
  • Anoint your 3rd eye to tune into the moon’s power, your intuition, clarity and psychic abilities.
  • Take a Goddess bath ritual and pour some of the water into your tub for clarity, cleaning, releasing, or beautifying, purity, and boosting strength and intentions.
  • Water your plants and garden to encourage growth.
  • Take a sip every day with lemon juice to promote good health.
  • Add flowers to a vase for your office.
  • Cook with it for health, healing and absorbing magical properties.
  • Wash your hair and face with it to promote beautiful, a clear, glowing complexion, and lustrous thick hair.
  • Put in a small vial on your altar for anointing.
  • Cleanse and charge your crystals and stones with it.
  • Create magical beauty cleansers, creams, potions, infusions or elixirs.
  • Use as a yoni steam with flower petals and essence oils for healing and sexual vibrancy.
  • Use it for water scrying.
  • Make moon tea or ice tea with it.
  • Sprinkle around your house to cleanse energy or use in a spray bottle to remove negative impurities.
  • Anoint your money for prosperity and abundance.
  • Use it for a new moon manifesting ritual, or to manifest your intentions any time of the month.
  • Creating an anointing perfume oil with moon water, vodka and your favorite essential oil.

Happy Manifesting!

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