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Domina specializes in helping women tap into their sexual superpowers so they can manifest their dream life and learn how to THRIVE!

As a Passion, Pleasure, Empowerment Coach, Domina teaches women to embrace their sacred erotic nature and sexual super powers to manifest (via Sex Magic Manifesting) all the love, abundance, intimacy, wealth and success they desire.  She is a certified Love Coach from Loveology University and has over 6 years experience in the sex education industry, teaching women how to embrace their sexual pleasure, have bigger better orgasms and better love/sex lives, as well as how to use their erotic creative energy to manifest their dreams.

Domina mentors women who desire to embrace their full sexual power and potential by teaching them self-love and empowerment so they can enhance their love relationships, find more intimacy and passion, experience more pleasure and sexual ecstasy as well as achieve overall abundance and enrich every aspect of their lives.



Through her Evoking Ecstasy programs, Domina shows women how to:

  • uncover the sex goddess within by loving the body they are in;
  • reveal their divine purpose and manifest their ideal life;
  • get rid of limiting beliefs, past traumas and negativity;
  • love themselves and transform their lives; revitalize their body, mind, spirit and relationships;
  • enjoy a beautiful and healthy lifestyle that will enrich their lives;
  • as well as create the most fulfilling, sexually intimate, passionate, pleasure-filled and loving relationships with their soul mate.

Domina has bestowed her sensual wisdom upon readers of, Bustle, Linda Joy Network, SheKnows, Women of Sex Tech, Slutty Girl Problems, Lover, Your Tango, Kinkly. Thought Catalog, Womens-Health, AllExperts, BlogHer-Sex, Carnal Nation, Good Vibes Magazine, and many other publications.

She is the author of “Jill’n Off: A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex”, “How to Pleasure Your G-spot”, and the “Ultimate Guide to the G-spot”.


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